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Venue registrations for Melbourne Fringe Festival are open now.

Fringe venues are all over Melbourne, from CBD laneways, to the suburbs and beyond. Any space can be a Fringe venue – fully kitted out theatres, galleries, bars, warehouses, shopfronts, caravans, and even laundromats (yes, you heard us right). If you have space, you can be a Fringe venue! Melbourne Fringe maintains an extensive database of brilliant venues of all shapes and sizes on our registration system Eventotron – this database is available to all Fringe artists and producers, who will use it to find the perfect home for their show, exhibition or event. It’s totally FREE to register your venue with us – we don’t charge our venues anything to take part.

Frequently asked questions about venue registration

What type of events can my venue hold?

Your venue can hold whatever events your heart desires – from theatre, comedy, visual art, music, conversations, poetry nights – the options are infinite! Just think about whether you have the facilities to host an event in your space before you say yes to the dress… rehearsal. For example, if an artist approaches you and wants to do a theatre show (with the whole sha-bam of technical equipment, flexible seating arrangements and a kabuki drop) and you have that stuff, then GREAT. But if you can’t do it, say it! Who knows? Maybe they’d be open to adapting their grand ideas to suit your venue. It’s important to always manage expectations between venues and artists so keep those communication lines open.

How can my venue support artists if we are closed?

We realise that many venues are facing a lot of unknowns right now. If your venue is unable to host shows this year but you still want to support Fringe artists, reach out. Maybe you could offer rehearsal space at a discounted rate or provide a space for artists to pre-record their show. Let us know and we can talk through options.

What if the Festival is cancelled? Can our venue still put the show on if we deem it safe to do so?

Melbourne Fringe Festival remains Open Access, which means we do not decide which venues will be operating in November or make decisions on behalf of the venue. If the Festival is cancelled due to government restrictions, we would also advise all venues and artists to follow the latest government and public health advice, including following physical distancing rules (for example, by practicing good hygiene and ensuring seats are safely positioned 1.5m apart).

Like a Persian, Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019. Photo by Jacinta Keefe.

Where can I go for more information?

Download our Venue Information Pack here. If you feel like you’re totally across it and you’re ready to enter your venue’s details into our registration system Eventotron, download our How To Register a Venue Guide here.

If you still have questions, get in touch with our Participant Services team by emailing artists@melbournefringe.com.au or calling 03 9660 9600 and we can chat ‘til the cows come home.