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Design Fringe 2022 Provocation: Design The Future: Don’t Waste Time

One of the strongest drives and needs in current design practice is sustainability, linked to a concern about the environmental impact of the industry. We challenge designers not only to make items that are made from sustainable or repurposed materials, but to make objects that embody a future-focussed attitude of conservation and waste prevention. Such items could be multi-purpose, easily mended and adaptable, biodegradable, or inspired by natural systems and materials that are waste free.

The issue of waste is a major global problem. This year we’re exploring solutions as to how we can best manage the waste we do produce; asking designers to consider solutions to the devastating impact of waste, to ensure a healthy and symbiotic relationship with our ecosystems.

The exhibition encourages both designers and visitors to rethink our relationship with objects, as well as raise awareness to help us to make better choices about what we buy. By investigating necessity, novelty and obsoletion we can address the question as to what we really need, and what we can do without. Designers may also want to look to the past for inspiration, to times and places where people have been more careful or limited in what is used and produced.

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Sun by Edward Linacre, Design Fringe 2021. Image courtesy to the artist.