Design Fringe

Design Fringe 2021 Provocation: HOME

For its first iteration under a new mantle, Design Fringe explores a theme we are all very familiar with (particularly in the wake of 2020): ‘HOME’.

From architecture and furniture to fabric and fixtures; and from the smallest functional items used every day, to the most lavish, decorative or occasional luxuries.

The home is a primary space for design practice, often providing the inspiration and context for great design.

A home is somewhere that we can find belonging, acceptance, protection and safety. Whether it’s a geographical location or rooted the presence of loved ones and family, our homes can anchor our identity and help us remember who we are.

We create homes of all kinds with care and creativity, in a way that embodies our spiritual and emotional needs and values.

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Fringe Furniture 33, Melbourne Fringe 2019. Photo by J Forsyth.