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Design Fringe

Let’s talk tables, chat chairs and banter about bookshelves. Design Fringe is our open access experimental design program that celebrates the ambitious, the innovative, the iconic and the avant-garde.

An evolution of our inimitable Fringe Furniture, Design Fringe is a bold new platform that helps emerging designers and artists (like you) to create and present innovative new pieces and connect you with new audiences and markets. Design Fringe encompasses all types of object design including furniture, fashion and sculpture through a program that stretches beyond two exhibitions with a suite of events, workshops and artist conversations that explore the design world of the future. Teaming up with our mates at Linden New Art, our slick new program includes:

  • Two design exhibitions featuring both experimental and commercial pieces across form
  • Brand new commissions
  • A Design Fringe public program including tours, talks and workshops
  • A range of diversity initiatives (definitely check these out)
  • An awards program
  • A mentorship program
  • A designer in residence program

This year Design Fringe looks forward and asks designers to Design The Future: Don’t Waste Time. Linked to the major global challenge of sustainability, the program encourages both designers and visitors to rethink our relationship with objects, as well as raise awareness to help us to make better choices about what we buy.

The rego process this year will have 2-steps (just like a miniature staircase).

  1. Firstly, we just need to know your basic deets by Monday 18 July (who you are and how many works you’re looking to submit, that kind of thing), so we can confirm your registration.
  2. Then between 18 July and 10 August we’ll follow up with you to get more details about your practise and artwork/s. That’s when you get tell us about your big beautiful creative vision.

All the details can be found in the info pack below.  So get to it. We’ll save you a seat at the table, and any other table you can possibly imagine.


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Ready to go? Of course you are! Head to Eventotron now and kick off your rego.

Design Fringe for Gender Equity

Discounts and mentorships for female and non-binary designers

Design The Future: Don't Waste Time

Read more about this year’s Design Fringe provocation – Design The Future: Don’t Waste Time.

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