"Zenzi" and The Sonic Groove Foundation

A groove-based, musical cauldron with a whole heap of sassy on top.....

  • Dates 18 - 22 Oct
  • Time 7:00pm (50 minutes)
  • Venue Bar Open
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One woman and three men, all laughing and drinking cocktails, are gathered in and around a white, convertible car. The woman and two men are people of colour. One man holds a bass guitar. Another, a snare drum. The woman wears a long, burgundy, velvet coat over a pink and black, zebra striped swimsuit with over-the-knee black suede boots.

Image Credit: Laki Sideris

  • Produced by: Bev Z Parker

  • Directed by: Lei-Lani Terrell

Prepare to be swept away by performances that showcase the essence of creative inspiration and the magic of musical expression. Get ready for a sensational 50 minutes of captivating live music, soul-stirring melodies and real-life storytelling. Step into a world where the rhythm takes hold and spontaneity is contagious.

This groove-based, musical extravaganza features a multi-talented, 6 piece band - The Sonic Groove Foundation - as its backbone, with a superb selection of unique, Melbourne soloists gracing the stage, nightly.

And, at the heart of it all, is "Zenzi". Born in London with South African roots, "Zenzi" is a force of nature who will mesmerise you with her performance from start to finish. "Zenzi" sings with such unadulterated passion and joy while she layers her voice above and below pulsating and grooving rhythms. The excitement is infectious as energy builds and spills into all four corners of the room.

Music knows no generational boundaries and The Sonic Groove Foundation are a diverse mix of musicians with over 200 years of experience. Their undeniable chemistry unites and ignites to create scorching hot grooves. With influences from jazz, from rock, from funk, blues and soul, they concoct a musical melting pot that will leave you begging for more.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary adventure through music, storytelling and pure artistry with the incredible "Zenzi" and The Sonic Groove Foundation. Get your tickets now and embark on a journey you won't soon forget.

About (E)merge

Bev Z Parker, niece to the late, great Miriam Makeba, was born in London and has South African roots. Daughter to the late, boogie woogie pianist 'Colonel' Johnny Parker and the late, South African singer Peggy Phango, some say she is descended from music royalty! She has been singing and delighting audiences for many more years than seems possible when you see her in action because we all know blak don't crack.

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