Wildworld - CANCELLED

The expression of time, intertwined by the actions that fill it, driven by the needs of the subject.

  • Dates 07 - 21 Oct
  • Time 6:00pm (90 minutes)
  • Venue Woodards
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Drawing of a woman in a green dress holding a pistol in their right hand with their hands crossed and the pistol pointing downwards. Their red hair is spiked like a crown.

Image Credit: Inheritance

  • Written and Directed by: Humans

  • Produced by: Humans

Wild World!!!
You Dream, I Dream, We All Dream.
We All have Dreamt.
Dreamt, the only word in the English language ending with “mt”.
The only place we all go alone together.
Each night, well at least most nights hehe
You have officially been invited!
Come visit the Dream of Wild World!
A place where sleep begins for Human with the turning on of a lamp, the “oh so Sunday” crawl, slide or collapse out of a loft bed and into the Dream.
Should Human apologise to bread before toasting it or berate the Kettle to hurry the “F” up while simultaneously praising the coffee? Maybe Anarchist Rat or Bill the bill collector knows.
I don’t quite know but let’s find out as we explore tragedy dance with hilarity in the confined yet completely out there landscape of Wild World.

About Woodards

A small start-up theatre in the heart of Northcote.

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