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What I Know, How I See

A photographic exhibition at the intersections of place and Blak identity.

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  • Curated by: Peta Duncan

  • Presented by: Deadly Fringe

“Where you come from and where you now reside are two of the most significant facts about anyone. Place can be a central facet of someone’s identity. The place or places where one has lived, with their attendant physical, historical, and cultural attributes, condition what one knows and how one sees.” Jean Robertson (2005).

Often, we think of places in a physical sense. A country, a city, a home.

What I Know, How I See explores the political, cultural, philosophical, historical, and psychological implications of place. And the ways in which these places intersect, interact and influence the experiences of First Nations people.

This is an outdoor installation in the Trades Hall courtyard that will feature the works of 10 First Nations photographers who have each interpreted the theme of 'place' through their own unique styles, experiences, and stories. By displaying this collection, photographers share with viewers an insight into themselves, what they know, and how they see the world.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund, as part of Deadly Fringe.

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