Werkin' 5 to 9

The all-singing, all-stunning drag cabaret with your favourite hits from Broadway.

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Two drag queens standing side by side, tied together with a dog leash. One drag queen is holding a mixing bowl, the other is holding a wooden spoon, and is covered in baking flour. They are in bright pink and purple costumes, and have shocked/confused expressions.

Image Credit: Francis Cao

  • Written and Performed by: HollyPop & Brenda Bressed

Have you ever wondered; ‘What does a drag artist do for their day job?’

Follow the story of HollyPop and Brenda Bressed and get ready for a night of high-energy entertainment and fierce performances in ‘Werkin’ 5 to 9’!

We meet Holly and Brenda backstage at their local gig - drag on a Saturday night, where else would they be? With 6 years in the biz, these fabulous artists must face their employment escapades and conquer the age-old dilemma of doing what they love, but still earning a living!

In this original 1-act jukebox musical you’ll hear the hilarious and heartwarming stories of Holly and Brenda as they take you through their daily grind and previous adventures, from day jobs to nightlife gigs. With live singing, dancing, and plenty of sass, ‘Werkin’ 5 to 9’ is the perfect show for anyone who wants to escape the nine to five and experience the fabulous world of drag!

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