Virtually a Reality

A high-energy, immersive comedy show exploring the wacky side of future technologies.

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Blonde woman photographed in black and white sitting looking to her right worriedly. There is a glitch of her in the background and robot hands reaching down to her.

Image Credit: Jackie Hatton

  • Performed by: Jackie Hatton

  • Produced by: James Tran and Jackie Hatton

Virtually a Reality is a witty and energetic leap into the world of Artificial Intelligence, deepfakes and our weird relationship with them, in a stand-up comedy show jam-packed with sketches created using the very same tech.

After being raised on the internet totally unsupervised, Jackie brings her chronically-online personality to the stage to explore the rapidly evolving (and unregulated) tech landscape in a series of escapades involving modern technology gone haywire.

So, are you excited about a reality that's virtually hilarious? Get ready, because the future has already arrived.

About Jackie Hatton

After building a tiny following of old men on TikTok, Melbourne-based comedian Jackie Hatton (@illfection) brings her own style of absurdist sketch comedy to the stage with stand-up that will cure your crippling fear of women named Jackie Hatton.

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