Two Tame Rhinos

An improvised, movement-based response to Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros.

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A rhinoceros looks up at a surreal night sky of swirling blue, black and gold, with stars scattered around. It looks as though he might be on the verge of falling upwards.

Image Credit: Elektra Thea

  • Performed by: Walt Dyson & Chala Mohamed

  • Devised by: Walt Dyson & Chala Mohamed

'Two Tame Rhinos' is an improvisational theatre show responding to the themes and characters of the 1959 play 'Rhinoceros' by Eugene Ionesco. In this forty-minute physical explosion, we will explore the absurdity of Ionesco in our modern world, with its circular logic, burdens of conformity, and olive bread. Or we might not, we haven't made it yet! But wouldn't it be so fun to come and find out?!

'Two Tame Rhinos' is here for a good time and a long time and time itself is a construct of the mind - oh never mind that, just get down here and see what happens in a tiny theatre space when Walt Dyson and Chala Mohamed collide!

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