In this immersive game, you'll help to invent the rules by which you'll trade...

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An office in the 1970s. In the foreground, a woman with dark hair enters records into a rolodex with a pen. In the background, two men in light-coloured suits point to a long wall-mounted board on which multiple index cards have been placed.

Image Credit: Tom Kelley

  • Created and Performed by: Students of Monash University

  • Directed by: Penelope Bartlau (Barking Spider Creative)

Today, we let 'the market' decide many things. Some believe it should decide everything.

But how do markets come to be? And who gets to make - and change - the rules of trade?

A new interactive and participatory work by Barking Spider Creative, made and presented by students from Monash University, TRADE is a fun and provoking hour where you'll be invited into a brand new marketplace, help to make its rules, and roam around Trades Hall, trading for things you want.

TRADE explores how and why we ascribe value to objects; what rules we think the market should play by, and what rules should apply to us; and what happens when market forces are unleashed.

Be warned: You may find things out about yourself, and what you're prepared to trade.

TRADE is supported by Monash University's Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance, and Monash Performing Arts Centres.

About Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance

Barking Spider Creative produces extraordinary visual and performative stories across art forms.

Our practice includes devising images and performative experiences that activate audiences. We interpret the stories of individuals, communities, place, history and science using a combination of art forms including immersive art-installation and performance.

Our works transform the way people experience the familiar and encounter the unfamiliar - in museums, galleries, theatres, communities, schools, festivals, residencies and workshops. Barking Spider Creative's creative practice engages with young people. As a collective we work cross-generationally making our practice relevant, diverse, and surprising.

Artistic director Penelope Bartlau is an established multi-disciplinary artist specialising in theatrical visual interpretation and creative writing. Her practice includes devising image-based experiences that activate audiences. Penelope generates, creates and directs projects which respond to people and places and which are defined by ambition in purpose and by astonishing beauty. Her works inspire awe, wonder and curiosity and provoke thought and feeling. She aims to make us feel differently about the world and for us to question what we think we know about time, place and fact. Penelope has created local, national and international projects.

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