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Take a trip through the swinging world of sexploitation cinema.

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A still of the 1975 film 'The Immoral Three', showing a close-up of a woman's cleavage and midriff. The woman is wearing a tight denim vest, unbuttoned low to show off her chest, and fitted denim shorts. Around her waist is a thin, silver chain belt with the words 'OH SHIT' bedazzled in rhinestones forming a clasp for the belt.

Image Credit: 'The Immoral Three', 1975 dir. Doris Wishman

  • Curated and Produced by: Meg Donaldson

As the sexual revolution took off and entertainment censorship laws relaxed, the 60s and 70s saw an explosion of horny content gyrate and pulsate its way onto screens. With clips cut from these lo-fi pornos, high-budget soft-cores, erotic art films and sexploitation gems, THIRSTY is a loving interrogation of the genre.

Simultaneously thrilling and upsetting, hilarious and endearing – and sometimes, honestly, just really boring – these movies are a complex archive. THIRSTY is a throbbing video art piece, cut together to capture the excitement and silliness of sex movies, and to take a glimpse at desire, pleasure, gender, queerness and gaze in the mid-late 20th century. Or maybe it’s just a chance to watch something smutty.

Relax, slip into something a little more comfortable, and visit the Festival Hub at Trades Hall to catch nightly screenings of THIRSTY. Oh baby!

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