The Wilde Kind

Grappling with rumours, positionality, prestige, and inclinations of an unconventional sort.

  • Dates 17 - 21 Oct
  • Time 9:00pm, 7:00pm, 4:00pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue Theatre Works
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Two people walking in tandem. One is dragging the other by their tie as they are both in suits. The one being dragged looks concerned.

Image Credit: Darren Gill

  • Written by: Jamiee Doyle

  • Directed by: Sabina Donato

  • Dramaturg: Eleanor Golding

'The Wilde Kind' unfolds within the walls of a British college, where a unique and captivating incident takes place. When a group of well-known students from the college are summoned to serve as witnesses at a hearing concerning their classmate’s alleged misconduct, the entire campus community is left in anticipation, eagerly wondering what will transpire during this unprecedented gathering.

As the story progresses, the audience is introduced to a diverse array of characters, each with their own distinct backgrounds, personalities, and relationships with their sexualities. 'The Wilde Kind' delves deep into the intricate lives of its protagonists, setting the stage for these distinct characters to mix and clash. It explores themes of identity, love, and the complexity of human connection, all against the backdrop of a rigorous, prestigious academic institution. It is a story that captivates the imagination, blending elements of mystery, drama, and historical fiction, while presenting a poignant reflection on the timeless struggle for acceptance and understanding.

About Theatre Works

Theatre Works is one of Australia’s longest-running independent theatres, constantly reinvigorating and reimagining the sector by providing a hotbed for artists and audience development. The organisation fills a vital niche in the Australian cultural landscape as an artistic home and destination for the ambitious, the new and the eminent. Theatre Works champions artists and work that embraces difference and celebrates risk, working to provide a supportive public platform for marginalised conversations and voices. This Fringe season, Theatre Works is showcasing ten shows over three weeks across two venues - Theatre Works (14 Acland Street ,St Kilda) & Explosives Factory (Rear Laneway, 67 Inkerman Street).

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