The image is in black and white and features repeating patterns of sound waves stretching down the page. These sound waves have a textured appearance similar to woven fabric, and the overall image exhibits a grainy quality reminiscent of film.

Image Credit: AI generated

  • Created by: Arthur Xafis, Niki Verrall and Texas Jane Nixon-Kain

'The Weaving Stars' is an innovative, cross-disciplinary journey exploring the legend of the celestial lovers from the Japanese Tanabata tale. With dance, music, and film at its heart, this performance unravels a captivating narrative about human longing and connection in a strikingly unique style.

Welcome our creative ensemble: Niki Verrall, Arthur Xafis and Texas Jane Nixon-Kain. Drawn from diverse backgrounds, they bring to life the story that transcends language and culture, unifying the audience in a shared human experience.

In this 50-minute, multi-sensory spectacle, they'll translate the celestial narrative into an immersive sensory experience. With poignant dance sequences, mesmerising musical rhythms, and enchanting film projections, the tale of the star-crossed lovers comes alive.

Join us as we embark on this artistic voyage, showcasing the sheer power of interdisciplinary storytelling and making each performance night a stellar experience.

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