Dance & Physical Theatre

The Triadic Dance

United through movement and costume, a fantastical triad is formed on the reverberation of threes.

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  • Artist: Texas Nixon-Kain

  • Artists: Niki Verrall & Cassidy McDermott Smith

  • Design by: James Stibilj & Cosette Mangas

The dancers slip through a triad that permeates their introspection, configuration, and attire. Informed by the memory of a ballet in the century prior, the futuristic performance of the past is now just performance. In the present, we have adapted the foundation from Bauhaus designer Oskar Schlemmer’s, 'Triadisches Ballett', reworking its foundation to resonate within a contemporary perspective.

In movement and thought processes grounded in the echoes of threes, a choreography unfolds to materialise a triad in physicality and atmosphere. The ethereal interplay between their costumes and corporeal form undergoes a process of transformation. No longer do these temporal adornments obstruct the sanctity of our bodies; rather, they have transcended their former role as restrictors, embracing an elevated purpose that celebrates a wealth of bodily knowledge.

Each movement is a conduit for a triadic resurgence, as the dancers synthesise the lineage of time into a harmonious whole. The choreography unveils a narrative that speaks to the interconnectedness of movement and design, celebrating innovative encounters that have shaped our cultural landscape, whilst embracing the uncharted territory of the future.

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