The Sun and The Hermit

Captivating and surreal alternative comedy.

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The photo is of the head and bust of Belinda who is wearing a brown jumper. She is looking off into the distance with an excited, but confused look on her face. She has two different coloured eyes. Belinda is wearing a smaller Belinda on her head as a hat. The smaller Belinda is wearing a pink bejewelled outfit and a pink pill box hat and resting their hands and arms on Belinda's head. The background is a blurry Scottish countryside. Everything has a yellow/orange tone

Image Credit: Aiden Willcox

  • Created by: Belinda Anderson-Hunt

There's a little Gremlin living in The Motley Bauhaus

She’s awful and strange

Ffllkalalala;;;kj wiwijdlerj;; xxos lqijqjjlll

The Sun and The Hermit is a modern clown and character exploration by Belinda Anderson-Hunt.

Belinda has extensive experience in improv, clowning, sketch comedy, and ensemble theatre. She has performed not only in Australia but also across the globe, including LA, Paris, Edinburgh, and New York.

"Constantly creating comedy gold." - Ciao Magazine

"Surreal stylings." - Fest-Mag

"Madcap randomness, altho' one feels that every movement & word has been thought-out with the increasingly mastery of their talents." - Mumble Comedy

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