The Story of Cerberus: A Very Good Boy

A mythological musical for the god of mankind's best friends.

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  • Created and Performed by: Abigail Banister-Jones

Abigail Banister-Jones plays ALL THREE heads of Cerberus the dog. On a journey through song we will witness the hound's monstrous origins, and watch him grow into a faithful guard dog between the living and the dead. Cerberus has many run-ins with famous heroes of Greek myth, including: Orpheus, who journeys into the underworld to find his beloved Eurydice, and Hercules, who seeks to kidnap Cerberus to complete his 12th labor. Cerberus' favourite souls, however, are those of lost beloved pets who are waiting for their humans to join them, so they can enter eternity together.

Playing in an intimate space on the first floor of the iconic Nicholas Building, 'Cerberus' is to be a cosy night of slightly spooky, slightly sentimental songs and shadows. Seats are scarce in this little dog-house so be sure to get in quick! See you on the other side...

About Abigail Banister-Jones

Abigail (she/her) is an Australian actor, writer, composer and theatre maker. She specialises in queer theatre, environmentalism, feminism, comedy, music, and reinterpreting texts of antiquity. It is her mission to create and be a part of the telling of stories that champion justice and humanity. As of 2021 she is a graduate of the Victorian Collage of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre Making.

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