The Painted Dragon - CANCELLED

This empowering personalised musical adventure takes you on a fantastical imaginative journey.

  • Dates 3 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Time Available On Demand ((40 min))
  • Venue Digital Fringe
$5.50 - $14.50
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A cheeky painted dragon.
A koala and a painted dragon sitting on a log laughing together

Image Credit: Nikolas Ott and Rose Nolan

A cheeky painted dragon.
A koala and a painted dragon sitting on a log laughing together
  • Created by: Rose Nolan

Ever wondered how it would feel to hear a musical story where YOU are the main character? Here is your chance to go on an online musical journey and bring along two of your closest buddies.

The Kinder Opera team invite you to their newest theatrical creation: The Painted Dragon.

The Painted Dragon takes a fresh approach to musical stories, gliding you through different tales of Australian animals and how they are affected by climate change. This story will steer listeners through various journeys and quests to help their struggling bush friends. It will guide them through simple imaginative and fun ways they can help reduce the human footprint, whilst empowering them with the knowledge that everyone can make a positive difference.

A newly composed online musical performance full of love, kindness and adventure. The Painted Dragon encourages your soul to soar through the many fantastical adventures to be found in your imagination.

The Painted Dragon offers two options:
1. A standard musical audio performance with still pictures, or
2. A personalised musical audio performance with still pictures

To make this experience as inspirational and imaginative as possible, this is an audio performance that is accompanied by still pictures. The words, music and still pictures, lead participants on their journey. A trip to The Painted Dragon's Land can be made from anywhere in the world. It can be listened to from any place with internet access – such as the car, the classroom, or from the comfort of your own home!

The Painted Dragon is available on demand from Tuesday 3rd of October to Sunday 22nd of October 2023. Don't miss out!!

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