The Modern Music Machines

A hybrid DJ set that uncovers the secrets of legendary electronic music machines.

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Boyd Kelly, the main performer, is handling a pair of turntables. He has his right hand on the mixer and his left hand is scratching the vinyl record.

Image Credit: Harry Ashton

  • Presented by: Boyd Kelly

  • Directed by: Diona Hill

The Modern Music Machines is a synaptic expedition back to the future that pays homage to the machines, people and processes that created the seminal sounds and songs that now flood Netflix soundtracks and house-party dance floors.

Legendary electronic music machines, like the MPC60 and the Moog Synthesiser take centre stage alongside the visionary minds behind them. Part-time music producer and full-time cyborg sympathiser Boyd Kelly re-discovers the secrets of these machines to explore the lineage between New Order’s pulsating baselines, Rick Rubin’s pounding 808s and J Dilla’s wonky samples.

From DJ Shadow to Afrika Bambaataa and Delia Derbyshire, these relentless innovators exploited the limitations of these machines to reshape our sonic landscape. Boyd will use a hybrid DJ set up with mesmerising visuals to trace modern music’s journey to the present.

Please note: All recorded interview dialogue and song lyrics will be open captioned for accessibility. There will be some live dialogue which will not be captioned.

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