The Improvised Australian Soap Opera

The Soap Opera that is is inspired by you, made up in real time before your very eyes... Strewth!

  • Dates 04 - 15 Oct
  • Time 7:15pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue UBQ
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Five adult humans are scattered across a black stage. From left to right, a woman in a black dress with long brown hair leans forward with an expression of surprise; a salt-and-pepper bearded man dressed in dark tshirt and pants shivers with arms folded; a Caucasian man in jeans with dark, curly hair makes a sympathetic pouting face; a woman in denim shorts and singlet, with pink hair and glasses, squats and gestures to be carrying something, and; a tall causcasian man with neck-length hair and a backwards hat leans forward with interest.
The background is a quilt of colorful bandanna style handkerchiefs.

Image Credit: The Improv Pit

  • Created and Performed by: The Improv Pit

  • Directed by: Rachelle Lachland Goulter

  • Produced by: Danielle Robinson and Fiona DiBerardino

For the first two weeks of Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Improv Pit presents its newest full-length show exploring Aussie Soapies.

There will be sentimentality; there will be melodrama; the ensemble will play soapie inspired characters with interweaving stories.

Using long-form improvisation plus tropes of Aussie soapies and drama, a full story will be created, joyfully exploring personal relationships, family life, emotional and moral conflicts, and some of the unique quirks of Australiana, Mate.

Every show is an episode of a serial drama that has never existed before and will never be seen again.

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