The Hotline

Operators are standing by. If you wish to receive unbiased information, please hang up immediately.

  • Dates 3 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Time Available On Demand (10 - 15 minutes)
  • Venue Digital Fringe
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The receiver and cord for a red rotary phone lies on top of an open Yellow Pages. A pencil and a plain green business card also sits on the page. The card reads: The Hotline. Call now.

Image Credit: Jez Hunghanfoo

  • Created by: Kasey Gambling

  • Sound design: Josie Steele

Accessed via a 1800 number, The Hotline allows callers to explore anecdotes on reproductive healthcare each user creating their own choose-your-own-adventure style narrative. Satirising anti-choice pregnancy helplines, 'The Hotline' explores how patriarchal medicine impacts those experiencing reproductive health issues. The Hotline number will be revealed on 3 Oct.

Please call 1800 960 929 to access the show.

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