The Gospel According to Rev. Jerry Berry III & Dr Randall Washington Jr. (Direct from Chattanooga, Tenn. USA. America) - CANCELLED

The Lord wants to fill your heart and empty your pockets!

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  • Created and Performed by: Gavin Ingham & Mazz Matta

The world-famous Tele-Evangelists are coming to cleanse the sin of Melbourne in their new interactive, worship service/All-American/comedy show.

This show is a high-energy, hootin’ and hollerin’ church service, complete with gospel sing-songs, opportunities to give donations, healing of physical ailments, passing around of the donation plate, baptisms, a fire ’n’ brimstone sermon, the donation plate, snake-handling, speaking in tongues, and also messages about donations to uplift your soul. Amen.

If you’re a fan of Tammy Faye-Bakker, then The Lord beckons you to come to this new comedy Gospel show and let The Holy Twosome show you their big hair, lotsa jewellery, white teeth, and colourful shiny suits (with deep pockets).

The congregation will be enriched by performances of world famous hits such as:- “The Devil’s in The Phone-booth Dialling 911 (Please Give a Donation to The Church)”, “We Ain’t Got Time For You Satan (Just Like My Daddy Didn’t Have Time Fo’ Me!)”, and “The Devil is Still in the Fire of Hell (Hopefully Just Like My Ex-Wife)”. Amen Amen.

The Southern Gospel Church of Chattanooga is coming to Melbourne in 2023!

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