The Death of @BlancheMarcot

Egos clash and tensions rise as Blanche Marcot Production Company's fate seems written on the wall.

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  • Written by: Ruwanthi Wijetunga

  • Produced by: Brigid Charis

It is Monday morning, 7:30AM, and Matt Marcot has cobbled together a task force ahead of a radio interview that is set to go live in under an hour – one which has the potential to unravel the very company that he has spent decades cultivating.

Comedic and satirical, this play revolves around a major theatre company’s crisis management meeting. Taking place over the course of an hour in real time, this dramatic unfolding of events sees the the company's cobbled-together crisis management task force desperately attempt to respond to an impending controversy which is mere minutes away from breaking.

Based on an original concept by Ruwanthi Wijetunga and Malith.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund.

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