Dance & Physical Theatre

The Birth and Death of a Physical Artist

The untold story of physical artists who could never get a "real job".

  • Dates 9 Oct - 22 Oct
  • Time Available On Demand (45 minutes)
  • Venue Digital Fringe
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Two image side by side. On the left, Roya is performing in front of a small crowd on the street. She has a crutch in her right hand and is wearing a black singlet and shorts. On the right, Peter is breakdancing on a brick street. He is holding himself up on one hand, wearing a blue and black checked shirt.

Image Credit: Mandy Louwet (Left), Courtesy of Peter Sette (Right)

  • Created and Performed by: roya the destroya and Peter Sette

  • Presented by: Arts House and Melbourne Fringe. Commissioned by Arts House through The Warehouse Residency.

  • Produced by: Loom Arts and Management

It’s often misinterpreted what the life of a professional artist must be like – who they are, what they do, how they live and make decisions.

roya the destroya is a strong believer that every day is an adventure. Known for picking up her speaker and travelling across the world street performing, she plays with her abilities to disrupt the stranger into soulful and joyful exchange.

For their Warehouse Residency, roya partners up with globally recognised 360 allstars performer and family man Peter Sette aka Bboy Sette to dismantle stereotypes of being an artist in their new performance 'The Birth and Death of a Physical Artist'.

Weaving hip hop, physical theatre and urban circus 'The Birth and Death of a Physical Artist' takes us on a journey through an artist’s life – the bravery, the commitment, the hustle and the impulses that drive a lifelong desire to live by your values, and a life in art.

Bringing loads of sass and creative energy to the floor 'The Birth and Death of a Physical Artist' celebrates the human drive to create, to build exchange and keep the adrenaline running.

Mon 9 – Sun 22 October
A digital recording with audio description and closed captioning is available for on demand viewing. All spoken words will be Auslan interpreted.

'The Birth and Death of a Physical Artist' is supported by Loom Arts and Management, Circus Oz, and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.

This project received Cash to Create through the Fringe Fund as part of Radical Access.

About roya the destroya and Peter Sette

roya the destroya is a strong believer that every day is an adventure. She is a passionate street performing artist who plays with her abilities to disrupt the stranger into a soulful and joyful exchange. Roya has performed in events and festivals around the world from busking in the Middle East, aerial dancing off the exterior of Art Centre Melbourne and performing at the White House. Roya was the recipient of the 2022 Australia Council National Arts and Disability Award for Established Artist. Roya is driven by an ambition to create site specific work particularly where there is scarce representation of people with disabilities.

Peter Sette Aka Bboy Sette has been a part of various theatre performances from musical theatre to urban circus. His versatility in singing, acting, beatboxing, dancing, acrobatics, physical theatre and breakdancing puts him in a niche and is hired to fulfil various roles. He has also worked with ‘Wild At Heart’; a vibrant creative community as a mentor, teacher and creative developer for shows over a number of years. Other highlights in theatre include, Queens of the outback, DQ4, Aussie Heat, The Australian premier of In the Heights, beat on pointe, 360 allstars urban circus, which toured globally.

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