The Artist: Finding The Muse; A Tour

An. Interactive. Absurdist. Improv. Art. Tour.

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  • Performed by: Jenni Townsend

  • Produced by: Lukas Quinn

The Artist has been accused of being derivative and lacking originality. Now, to prove her worth, she is inviting patrons of the arts on an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at her process of Finding Inspiration for her groundbreaking Performance Art.

Follow The Artist on a gentle and illuminating walking tour through Trades Hall as she goes on the hunt for the ever-elusive Muse.

This walking tour is an immersive, character-driven improv show that lovingly takes the piss out of the fine art world. The audience is given the power to interact with the tour (and highly encouraged to tease The Artist) through digital integration, so make sure your phones are charged up!

In the true tradition of Fluxus, the Artist (and the performer) will embark upon these chaotic journeys without knowing exactly what will happen... although ideally she finds The Muse and the audience doesn't turn on her again.

Cop that, Yoko.

About Jenni Townsend

Jenni Townsend is an improviser, character comedian and filmmaker. Her solo shows bend the boundaries of what is possible with comedy, such as ‘Invite Me to the Met Gala Already’, which combined character sketch and fashion-improv (she literally created an outfit on stage), her multiverse-character play 'Every House A Sliding Door', or her digitally interactive one-person improv show ‘A Happening’ that featured her character The Artist. She regularly appears as a company player in the Big Hoo-Haa and at the Improv Conspiracy.

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