The Agōgē Method

A riotous meta-comedy by Australia's only authorised DisasterClass (c) specialists.

  • Dates 05 - 22 Oct
  • Time 9:00pm, 8:00pm, 7:30pm (50 minutes)
  • Venue TIC: Swanston
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Two people and a cat at table. Man on left looks condescendingly down on person on right, who is engaging the cat.

Image Credit: Jule Vincent

  • Written and Performed by: Jason Tatas

  • Written and Performed by: Jule Vincent

  • Concept by: Tammy Golla

"An existential vaudeville duo, wringing superb physical comedy from two characters who struggle to move.” - Jule to Jason

“A carousel of stupidity you will not want to get off.” - Jason to Jule

Under the guise of an interactive workshop and focus group, two wannabe playwrights attempt to develop The Agōgē Method, a satirical play offering a handbook to masculine success through Grecian discipline:

The Agōgē Method (pronounced ah-go-GAY) synopsis -

An aspiring men’s wellness influencer begins to unravel during a public seminar upon discovering the 2006 film “300” is not, in fact, historically accurate.

Through confessional meta-humour, musical flourishes and scripted scenes from a play that is yet to be realised, The Agōgē Method is a camp meditation on collaboration, unqualified social media personalities and our refracted lives prolapsing in a digital age.

Runner-Up, Oakleigh Oral Epic Poetry Prize 2021

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