Thankyou, I'm Single

Dating is a Drag! An exploration of how wearing a wig and a kitten heel can ruin your dating life!

  • Dates 05 - 19 Oct
  • Time 7:30pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue The Toff
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Drag Queen with a Pink Curly Wig on and wearing a pink sequin and maroon outfit with ruffles on the bottom. She is putting one hand up towards another hand giving her pink flowers and the other hand pointing a finger up to say no.

Image Credit: TNS Studios

  • Created and Performed by: Freida Commitment

Are you unimpressed with your dating life and terminally single? Does opening a dating app make you want to become a hermit and live in the woods?

Thankyou, I’m Single stars Freida Commitment in her cabaret debut. Get ready to be swept off your feet as Freida takes you on a journey through her tragic dating experiences, ranging all the way from saving herself for Jesus in a heterosexual relationship to her slutty phase in her 20s and the perils of a hookup as a lady of the lash.

Freida bares it all and shares her most embarrassing and hilarious stories of her dating misadventures. She will take you on a non-stop rollercoaster with more twists and turns than a bad first date.

Experience an origin story through live changes on stage as Freida makes a colorfully costumed journey before your eyes, with each new glittery garment you'll enjoy Freida performing everything from “Straight People Music” to Self Love Anthems..

So whether you’re single, taken or somewhere in between, Thankyou, I’m Single is the perfect night out for anyone who’s ever swiped left, been catfished or left on read. Freida is the queen of commitment issues and after experiencing her journey she will leave you ready to redownload or delete the dating apps.

About Freida Commitment

Freida is Melbourne’s Plus Size Mistress of the Mic! She is an exceptional host with the comedy skills to match! Freida has produced and built several incredibly successful events in Melbourne such as ‘Dragstrology’ at Pride of our Footscray and the 86 and most notably ‘After WERK’ at Speakeasy Kitchen Bar. Freida never fails to deliver extreme amounts of mum (and dad) comedy and several doses of middle aged motherly camp. Be prepared for her awkward mum dance moves and more than a few camp facial expressions! Single for Life, She’s Freida Commitment!

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