Olga Loitsenko - Temporary Visa Holder

Come and see this simple Eastern European woman's journey in the world of comedy and migration.

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Image Credit: Mark Gambino

  • Written and Performed by: Olga Loitsenko

  • Choreographed by: Olga Loitsenko

Coming from the European Union, Olga has never had to think of visas, permanent residency or migration agents. In Temporary Visa Holder Olga will share her personal journey to Australia from Estonia, how she thought it's a great idea to stay in Melbourne in the global pandemic, how she went from a backpacker to an essential worker and how she's the perfect person to give advice on where to go in Australia when she has never left Melbourne.

This is a story filled with ups and downs in a typical I'm-coming-to-Australia-for-one-year-only-and-now-looking-for-ways-to-stay-here-forever kind of fashion. In a stereotypical Eastern European way she will mention vodka however Olga wants everybody to know that she will definitely not mention Eurovision.

Come and see if "moving to Australia to do stand-up instead of finding a husband and having kids" was the right decision for this simple Eastern European woman.

Olga debuted at Melbourne Fringe in 2022 with a solo show Olgavision.
Olga debuted at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2023 with Temporary Visa Holder.

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