Talk Dirty in French

Learn hot phrases in the language of love with a Franco-Australian comedienne, live from Paris!

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  • Performed by: Clair deLune

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Travel to Paris for a night and immerse yourself in the tantalising world of 'Talk Dirty in French'. In this liberating class, Clair de Lune will be your playful guide through a seductive exploration of saucy, sensual, and hilarious phrases.

Grammar rules and inhibitions? Let's cast them all aside for an hour of pleasure and play.

Whether you seek to reignite passion with your partner or captivate a passionate Francophone, Clair's expert tips and tricks will make you irresistible 'en Français'.

This interactive show guarantees laughter, connection, and a safe space to unleash your desires.

Unable to attend the live show? No worries! Indulge in the excitement whenever it suits your fancy with Digital Fringe.

FRINGE BONUS all audience members walk away with the 'Talk Dirty in French' online course for free (if they consent).

So, are you ready to embrace the naughty side of the French language?
Laughter and newfound confidence await dear lovers.

Book now and let your seductive adventure begin!
On y'va (let's go!)

Please note this is a hybrid event. Clair will be Zooming into the Queen Victoria Women's Centre from Paris. Participants can join physically in the room or virtually via Zoom.

"Five Stars! Hilarious AND hot!" - Mel from Fitzroy

"Honestly, I was afraid that I was going to be mortally embarrassed but it was actually really easy-going and fun. Clair is hilarious and made everyone feel really comfortable.... we went back to the hotel for practice sessions and we laughed and more in bed than we have for ages. So yes, I 100% recommend this for couples looking to have fun. Meci Clair!" - Jen, visitor to Paris

“Sacrebleu! Ne dis pas ça!” - Every High School French Teacher

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About Talk Dirty in French

Clair deLune is a vivacious and mischievous Australian artist who has found her home in the romantic city of Paris.

This enchanting femme Australienne has led a life filled with more adventures than a library's worth of erotic novels. Through her captivating cabaret shows and engaging lessons, she fearlessly shares embarrassing, exhilarating, and utterly true stories from her decade-long exploration of the language of love.

As a seasoned and extraordinary comedienne (as the French say, "actress"), Clair deftly creates a secure and inclusive space where couples and audiences alike can come together to play and lol.

Using a delightful blend of Franglish (an English approximation of French), she imparts simple phrases and expressions you've been longing to learn. All that you need to play with Clair is a good grasp of English and an open mind.

Don't miss out on the thrills and titillation—follow Clair on Instagram @talk_dirty_in_french before she's unjustly banned!

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