T4T: A Transgender Showcase

A variety spectacular of trans performers - performing for a trans ONLY audience.

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A textured pasteup style compilation of 5 stage shots of trans people. They are mid action and include a cast with their hands in the air ready to bow, and Anna Piper Scott gesturing while holding a microphone.

Image Credit: Millie Gryphon

  • Presented by: Heartfelt Havoc Productions

  • Hosted by: Anna Piper Scott

  • Produced by: Olly Lawrence

The groundbreaking cult sensation T4T returns to Melbourne Fringe!

T4T is a variety showcase like no other! Featuring some of the most exciting, most daring and most creative performers in the country. But here's the twist - every single performer is trans, and the audience is too. That's right - if you're not trans, you're not invited.

Expect to see everything including comedy, burlesque, poetry, music and drag in a way you've never seen it before. It's a show with no apologies given, no explanations needed, no dress code required. A sanctuary for the nonconforming. For trans folk, for non-binary folk, for everyone who has fled the confines of gender altogether.

(Cis people are allowed, but not encouraged).

About Heartfelt Havoc Productions

Heartfelt Havoc is a new production house created by Anna Piper Scott and Olly Lawrence. Together they create shows that combine provocation and empathy, and chaos and compassion - it's edginess with a purpose. Their regular works include Not All Men: The Game Show, and T4T: A Transgender Showcase, and they have also toured Anna Piper Scott: Such An Inspiration all around Australia and abroad to great critical acclaim.

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