Success In Everything

Stand-up comedy in a karaoke booth from one of Melbourne's most promising young comedians.

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An image of a CRT TV displaying a retro karaoke video. Onscreen, a gorgeous, ethnically ambiguous, mid-20s dreamboat smiles politely as a rainbow somersaults over wild stallions galloping through open fields behind him.

Image Credit: Nick Robertson

  • Performed by: Noah Szto

  • Written and Directed by: Noah Szto

"Success in Everything" is the debut hour from one of Melbourne's most promising young comedians, Noah Szto. It's also probably the only time you'll ever see stand-up being performed inside of a 30-seater karaoke booth.

Noah started performing stand-up at the turn of the pandemic - terrible timing, he knows - and he's been bouncing around the Melbourne scene ever since. He's a 2x RAW Comedy state finalist, a regular at Comedy Republic, and he runs a fan-favourite line-up show "Soapbox" featuring new lineups of comic talent every month. He's also in his third year of studying a four-year Doctor of Medicine, though he's insists that it's just a side-hustle.

In this hour of clever comedy, he'll muse on everything from his identity to his background, and perhaps he'll even mix it up by throwing in some of his thoughts and opinions (whoa!). And while he's very conscious that there could be drunken performances happening in neighboring karaoke rooms that may well overshadow his own, he promises that, at the very least, he's very nice and friendly and the chairs are quite comfy and if you come he'll love you forever.

Come catch this rising star of the comedy scene while he still has less than 1000 instagram followers!

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