Stuart Daulman: A Day in the Life

A brand new show for every brand new day.

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  • Performed by: Stuart Daulman

  • Dramaturg: Lucy Rees

  • Produced by: Annie Bourke

A Day in the Life is a new experimental stand-up comedy show about just that: one day in the life of lauded and applauded Melbourne comedian, Stuart Daulman.

Every single night will be a different show about what happened to Stuart that day.

Written in the 2 hours leading up to show time, Stu will perform a hilarious engaging improvised recount of his day.

Themes will include being a new parent, work (at multiple jobs), family, the unexpected and the mundane.

At its core, this show celebrates living in the moment and finding humour in every day occurrences.

A new show by Stuart Daulman for every new day of Stuart Daulman’s life.

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