Stinking Hot Trash

Stew in your own filth, why don’t ya! It’s a bloody sketch show.

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Photo of Isabelle Carney's face with a paper texture, over blue background.

Image Credit: Pat Mooney

  • Created and Performed by: Isabelle Carney

  • Produced by: Madi Savage

  • In Collaboration with: Ella Godwin

Isabelle Carney invites you to an intimate evening of garbage.

'Stinking Hot Trash' is back after a ripper run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Bigger, better, and leakier than before, Isabelle delivers just under an hour of good, clean, nasty, disgusting comedy for you little bin rats to lap up.

Isabelle has written for Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (ABC), Hard Quiz (ABC), Melbourne International Film Festival, and also does... this? Weird sketches, distressing poems, odes to fallen heroes, and stand up from the fart- I mean HEART! HEART HEART HEART. Damn it. This was going so well.

About Isabelle Carney

Isabelle has experience writing and performing for both stage and screen. Last year she was the youngest ever sketch writer to be staffed on Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell, and is now a writer/verifier on the newest season of ABC’s Hard Quiz. In 2021, Isabelle wrote, directed and produced the 10 part Instagram web series Cooked Chicks with fellow collaborator Ruby Malcolm-Black. Isabelle was selected for the Melbourne International Film Festival Critics Campus 2022, where her work was published by MIFF and Kill Your Darlings, and was shortlisted for the Rebel Wilson Comedy Scholarship as part of ATYP in 2020. Isabelle is an alumn of the Melbourne University Law Revue, having directed and been a cast member (2020, 2021). Her previous experience at Melbourne Fringe Festival was her performance in The Ones Who Walk Away, which won the prize for Best Live Art (2017).

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