Starfish The Redacted

Dare to make art and they'll put you in a box.

  • Dates 04 - 15 Oct
  • Time 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 4:00pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue La Mama HQ
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A dark skied picture of a grey factory spouting rainbows out of its chimney.

Image Credit: Travis Cotton

  • Written and Directed by: Travis Cotton

  • Performed by: Jess Clarke

  • Performed by: Toby Truslove

'Starfish the Redacted' is a play that exists in a post-revolutionary world where art is illegal. Poetry is considered especially egregious for it's emotionally stirring capabilities. Connie is six years old when it is discovered she is a poet by her therapist. Hearing the power of her words they decide to try and revive the lost art, but if they are caught they'll be put in a box for 30 years and come out... very much changed. 'Starfish the Redacted' is a comedy that explores the power of art and its importance within our society.

About The New Rich Theatre Co.

New Rich Theatre is a Melbourne based company that has put on shows such as 80 Minutes No Interval, Robots Vs. Art, The Fifth @ Randwick and god the devil and the true history of mankind.

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