Split Lip

Witness a lip-sync battle like you've never seen before!

$28.00 - $32.00
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Performer sits in front of white curtain drapes at a desk, presented in 5 different variations of themselves, wearing different wigs and facial expressions in each variation, portraying 5 different personalities. 

Performer has white coloured foundation makeup, smudged lipstick and is wearing a white hospital gown.

On the desk is a hand written journal and lamp.

Image Credit: Richard Jackson

  • Created and Performed by: Blake Anderson

Ginava just can't seem to get their head straight. Personalities inside them start to manifest, taking over their body... and mouth!
A story of trauma and forgiveness, witness a lip-sync battle like you've never seen before.

This project is a Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award Winner.

About Gendermess Productions

Ginava is a performance artist, known by many as a shapeshifter and glamour monster, specialising in avant-garde costume making and spoken word lip-syncing.

Creator of Gendermess Productions, their mission is to mess with the gender spectrum though a creative spectacle in a subversive abstract way.

Feature credits include:
Guest on Transformations with James St. James in 2014
Costume Maker for Roisin Murphy
Proud Awards Creative Artist of the Year 2019 & Entertainer of the Year 2022
Sydney & Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award for "Split Lip"
The Martin Sims Award Winner for "Ginava’s Messy Friends"

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