A crude acrylic painting, predominantly red and black, of a large face gripping a smaller figure by the head. The brushstrokes are thick and intense, the faces themselves almost indiscernible due to their frenzied composition. The larger figure appears to be jamming an abstract shape, vaguely reminiscent of a spoon, into the other figure's mouth

Image Credit: Asbestos Jones

  • Created by: Pummel Squad

  • Performed by: Harry McGee, Ludomyr Kemp-Mykyta and Cooper Donald McDonald

  • Directed by: Cooper Donald McDonald

Soup Friends is a shiny brand NEW piece of clown-esque comedy about love, loneliness and the human condition. Primarily though it is about soup.

Incorporating elements of improv, satire and anti-theatre it will take you soupily by the hand and lead you down the soup path to confront the soup at the very centre of your soul.

The world is agonisingly frightening. Filled with war, AI, disease, famine and some other horrible things I won't even bring up here in case I scare you too much, it can get to be a bit fatiguing.

In times of dire crisis we can turn to those we cherish and they can feed us soup. Soup. The most fantastic thing to eat on the planet. It is warm generally though it does not necessarily have to be. Already that's pretty interesting. A murky-brown-mirthful companion, soup is like the brother you are not allowed to talk to because he is too cool and mum thinks he will frighten you with his rambunctious stylings and do a kick flip off of your normal sized forehead.

Join Ludomyr Kemp-Mykyta, Harry McGee and Director, Cooper Donald McDonald, in a VERY VERY FUNNY 60 minute soup-tastic adventure where the chasm is bridged between soup and man.

This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

About Pummel Squad

Pummel Squad will rewire your brain (in a good way) - that is a fact, promise and basically the be all and end all of everything. You will be like Lucy in the movie 'Lucy'. You will have a bigger imagination by the end and be able to imagine more things. If this does not happen contact us directly and we will make it happen.

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