Searching for Betty

It’s like dating, but with more live laugh love and less dick.

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  • Written and Directed by: Keyanna Burgher

An unhinged friend request masquerading as a play—SEARCHING FOR BETTY follows anxiety-ridden Lenny on her quest for a best friend. After spending years romanticising her mother’s relationship with college friend Betty, she’s become obsessed with finding her own platonic life partner. Casual friends aren't enough—they have to be the one, exclusive, unfiltered, unabashed, raw and real best friend. This 100% true autobiographical look into finding meaningful friendship in the modern world brings a mix of hilarity, cringiness, and heartfelt moments. With the added spice of audience participation, you can find yourself in the story and connect with themes of disconnect, loneliness, bravery, and self-love.

The desire for friendship is stronger and more relevant than ever in this (kind of) post-pandemic world where we’re all crawling out of our caves and finding ourselves again. Not to mention, the digital age makes it difficult to meet people organically and develop meaningful relationships offline. While we’re still stuck in the patriarchal dark-ages of most media centring female stories around romantic connections, SEARCHING FOR BETTY hasn’t a lick of romance. It’s a story for everyone. It's still kind of like dating, but with more live laugh love and less dick.

You'll leave the show texting your best friend, and maybe mentally calculating who your Myspace Top 8 would be if we were still stuck in 2008.

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