Scoot Lambrock: Journey to the Infinite Void

Board the legendary Thunder Phoenix for a sci-fi character comedy adventure.

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A photograph of the character Scoot Lambrock, a man with a moustache and jumpsuit, holding a retro raygun and helmet, against an illustration backdrop of planets and stars.

Image Credit: Gina Finehart

  • Written and Performed by: Scott Limbrick

  • Directed by: Hayley Tantau

Commander Scoot Lambrock is a virtuoso of adventure – a master of intergalactic spacecraft, statecraft and stagecraft. His body is a registered weapon in 17 systems and an illicit substance in six.

Now, Lambrock has been assigned his most dangerous mission yet: a journey to the legendary Infinite Void. Join him aboard the Thunder Phoenix, a modified ZX-229 Galaxy Bounder, as he contends with the outer limits of the vast and unrelenting cosmos – and his own ego.

"A treat for fans of character comedy ... a multilayered, incredibly well-constructed show" ★★★★ – The Age

About Scott Limbrick

Scott Limbrick is a comedian, writer and improviser. His previous live shows include The Last Blockbuster on Earth, Waiting for Combo and Completely Improvised Survivor.

Praise for previous shows:

"Witty with an underlying brilliance." **** - Agent Mystery Case
"A performer to watch." - Australian Arts Review
"A comical and nostalgic journey... providing plenty of laughs." - Beat Magazine
"Ridiculous and madcap... a confident and hilarious performer." - The Fourth Wall

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