Romeo & Juliet

Queer, contemporary, dark, and intimate.

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Black and White image of two female presenting people, of which one of them is hugging the other from the back.

Image Credit: Ben Andrews

  • Directed by: Matthew Cox & Mark Yeates

  • Supported by: JMC Academy

  • Supported by: Artefact Theatre Company

“I was so moved by it... To see it be so important to these young people, and to the audience... It reminded me how transcendent this sort of work can be.” - Praise Dionysus.

Following an initial sell-out season, JMC Acadamy and Artefact Theatre Company present a return season of their critically acclaimed production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. This production presents a radical departure from traditional stagings of Shakespeare’s most famous work, one that takes a classic story and imbues it with contemporary characters, staging, and charm to remind us how timeless Shakespeare can be.

A traverse stage serves as a canvas for this uniquely queer and beautifully dark production of Romeo and Juliet. This is Shakespeare, reimagined in its most intimate, modern, and immersive form.

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