Rassputin's Wet Posse Presents:

Come one, come all, to the wackiest burlesque shows in town!

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Many Performers in a collage. Beaker has an existential crisis while The Count, a strawberry and Oogie point at a banana pastie. A Potato aggressively opens her foil wrap underneath. Sexy Ned Flanders is there.

Image Credit: Jacinta Keefe, Matt Deller, 3 Fates Media, Brett Allen, Marcus Keily

  • Produced by: Rassputin

  • Performed by: Rassputin's Wet Posse

Join Rassputin's Wet Posse at Speakeasy HQ for 3 wildly different nights of burlesque madness, brought to you by a posse too big to be contained in a single show! (Even 3 isn't enough)

We have something for everybody and everybody for something with three totally different, extremely entertaining evenings of Neo Burlesque!

Do the time warp through the glitz and glam of the 20th century on Friday with a taste of the 20s, a glimpse at the swinging 60s, savour the saucy 70s and end the evening in the naughty 90s

On Saturday, come in and make yourself at home with our Domestic S!uttery show where the potatoes peel themselves, the strawberries are wild, eating pizza is HOT and bath time is so much fun

Finishing our run on Sunday is a hit right to the childhood with Pop-Culture classics stripping down and serving sexiness with local ICONS taking the lead. You’ll get to see incredible acts from Drag Legacy Producer Moxie Delite and Alt. Showdown Champion Ira Luxuria. Indulge in the naughty side of nostalgia with acts featuring Ned Flanders, The Count, J. Jonah Jameson, Chucky, Barbie, The Matrix, Oogie Boogie and Lumpy Space Princess!

About Rassputin's Wet Posse

Somewhere between the Rocky Horror Picture Show and the Full Monty you'll find Rassputin's Wet Posse. Assembled from the best spare parts Melbourne has to offer, the Posse is made up of a hugely talented mix of emerging and established artists.

Our shows offer a wild variety of burlesque, nerdlesque and draglesque acts that are more camp than any caravan park and sillier than a sack of sausages. We aim to bring fun and frivolity to stage with our pants-flinging shenanigans to leave audiences a little bit tittilated and absolutely wet with laughter.

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