Dance & Physical Theatre

Quiet Motion

Sifting through habits of thought - two dance works, two questions, one conversation.

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  • Choreographed by: Erin Taube and Anna Tolotchkov

  • Set design: Dasha Tolotchkov and Tiarna McPherson

‘Quiet Motion’ utilises movement, sound and spatial design to reconsider value systems and schools of thought. From challenging legacy to reassessing honesty, the works ‘Going, Going, Gone’ and ‘Pigeonhole’ take on a paradoxical approach to understanding ourselves. ‘Going, Going, Gone’ choreographed by Erin Taube, explores the way that dance evolves and progresses as an artform, more broadly attempting to understand legacy, and how this informs our dance histories today. ‘Pigeonhole’, choreographed by Anna Tolotchkov, discovers what honesty is in its many facets, confronts our egos, and reassesses our perception of honesty in its most basic and simultaneously complex form.

Choreographed by Erin Taube and Anna Tolotchkov
Performed by Amélie Logan, Charlotte Hoppe-Smith, Sarah Kosoof, Talia Benson, Zoe Howard
Set Design by Tiarna McPherson and Dasha Tolotchkov
Sound Design by Dion Spyropoulos and Lachie Yuilles
Lighting Design by Arielle Roberts

This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

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