Life's a puzzle. Watch it piece together in unexpected locations around Melbourne.

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Three men wearing black pants stack four hollow cubes in a public space. One holds a cube over his head while another supports the third man climbing inside a stack of three cubes.

Image Credit: KEN Photography

  • Performed by: FOCA - Formosa Circus Art

  • Presented by: Melbourne Fringe

  • Supported by: Ministry of Culture Taiwan

Five acrobats tumble, twist and turn in this playful pop-up street circus performance for all ages. Using plus-sized blocks as pieces of a puzzle stacked into all sorts of permutations and combinations, this talented troupe play a surprising game that will take all their circus skills to master. Formosa Circus Art brings together Eastern traditional acrobatics, juggling, dance, drama and street theatre for a unique contemporary circus experience that’s fun for everyone.

FOCA - Formosa Circus Art is named after the beautiful island: Taiwan. Established in 2011, FOCA has developed a unique physical vocabulary that is all its own, combining contemporary circus arts with traditional Taiwanese forms, acrobatics, street culture and theatre arts. With members from many diverse artforms, the internationally renowned FOCA is Taiwan’s largest and most diverse full time circus ensemble, travelling en masse to showcase their extraordinary work at Melbourne Fringe.

PUZZLE is supported by Venue Partners Melbourne Museum and Queen Victoria Market.

Fringe Focus Taiwan is supported by The Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) and Cultural Division, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sydney.

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