Got wood?

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A profile image of two young men standing forehead to forehead. One man is entering a hot rage, and the other is hoping to quash it.

Image Credit: Alan Robert Hopkins

  • Written by: Jake Stewart

A good boy doesn't talk.

A perfect boy shouldn't need to.

When you wish upon a star, maybe also pray it doesn't listen.

Inspired by the beloved tale of a lonely weird man wanting a little fantasy boy.

And wait, a whale? And wait... hang on....

What's it like for a boy to learn he's a beautiful handmade fantasy?

An adaptation with no interest in nostalgia.

Sometimes bad things happen when wood gets this hot.

From the writer of ‘Leopard Print Loincloth’, ‘Fraternal’, and ‘Five Stars’.

About Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth’s work fixates on the darker regions of the contemporary human experience, while never losing its taste for sweet glittery gayness.
We have a focus on queer Australian texts, the relics of traditional romance, the state of modern masculinity, and the epidemic of heartache.
Producing work since 2013, we strive to bear witness to the amorphous notion of being a queer Australian today.

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