Picture This

A musician's deep dive into understanding visual imagery – what is it? How do we make pictures?

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Image Credit: Brian KM

  • Performed by: Brian KM

Picture This... What does that mean? How do we create and understand images? Neoclassical musician Brian KM pairs his electronic French horn genre with his own photography, videography and drawings, creating multi-sensory fantasy landscapes connecting to the world around. Have you ever wondered about the oldest named Hawaiian seabird and how she got so wise? Or, as the sun sets, what happens when a mystical bear snaps a twig outside your tent?

Performer-composer Brian KM is a horn and electronics soloist with projects as varied as the medium is unique. With influences including Rachel K. Collier, Strauss, Daft Punk, French acoustic folk, David Maslanka and Julia Kent, Brian’s eclectic musical tastes show up throughout his own compositions. 

Brian's original solo horn and electronics show, Brian KM Live! was the product of a feverish dive into the world of electronic music. Since he started writing, Brian has performed his compositions for the medium in venues in the United States, Australia and Canada. He has performed at three Fringe Festivals and was featured at The International Horn Society Conference in 2021 and at the Boston New Music Initiative in 2022, winning the Audience Favorite Award for the Boston New Music Initiative's Prismatic Congruency Series.

Brian was the Principal Horn player for The United States Navy’s U.S. Pacific Fleet Band in Pearl Harbor, Hawaiʻi, where he served for five years. He was the regular horn player for the organisation’s premiere brass quintet, Harbor Brass, and the wind quintet, Trade Winds. He has received the National Medal of Arts “for personifying excellence in music and service to country”.

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