Experience an intimate and interactive journey while packing a young woman's life.

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A photograph of a messy table. Objects on the table include: five scattered photographs taken on a film camera, a pastel pink rose, a lavender hardcover notebook, pastel orange post-it notes and an open book.

Image Credit: Elena L. Ioannucci

  • Created by: Eleni Telemachou

  • Set design: Nancee Kilpatrick

  • Image Credit: Elena L. Ioannucci

On the second floor of an old building in central Melbourne, an artist’s studio is waiting to be emptied. Marigold is moving out and you have been hired to pack her stuff.

Can you curiously explore her studio, handle her personal objects and sort through her belongings to piece together Marigold’s story?
In this one-person interactive experience, you will be invited to play with some bubble wrap, pack a few boxes and reflect on growth, places and endings.

This project received Cash for Equity through the Fringe Fund, as part of the Ralph Mclean Microgrants program.

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