Outer Demons

A delightfully devilish cabaret starring some of Melbourne's best alternative drag artists!

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  • Created by: Lilium

  • Performed by: Belial B'Zarr

  • Performed by: Ira Luxuria

Are you tired of running away from the delicious darkness within?

Do you want to see what is really lurking beneath?

Join Lilium and an eclectic ensemble of alternative drag queens, kings and things in an unholy communion. Together, we will indulge in forbidden rituals to summon your deepest, darkest demons out into the light. Don’t worry... what happens in the pentagram, stays in the pentagram.

We promise you’ll feel much better afterwards.

'Outer Demons' is a wickedly entertaining and empowering comedy-horror cabaret. Assemble your coven and step into our world to discover the hidden magic within the shadows.

You might just find we’re not actually that scary after all.

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