Only What Remains Is Beautiful

An anti-odyssey about lanterns, misplaced wisdom and one of many ways that the world could end.

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A bearded nonbinary person with long hair and polygonal glasses peers cautiously down to the left. The background is dark and obscured by a slight reddish haze. With both hands, the person is holding up a bright ball of pinkish-white light, illuminating their face.

Image Credit: Ty Liebelt

  • Created and Performed by: Ty Liebelt

'Only What Remains Is Beautiful' is a uniquely layered, absurdist tale about redefining loneliness.
A barefaced and babbling charge into the fog of social trauma and its presence in identity.

Imagine a soothsayer. A Tiresias sort of character.
They've got all the cosmic wisdom that everyone craves.
But they've also got that eccentric awkwardness that no one can tolerate for a second.

Now imagine a day when this soothsayer steps out of their cave to discover that The Apocalypse has happened... And they slept through the whole thing!

More alone than ever before, our soothsayer sets out on a journey.
Where? They haven't the foggiest.
Why? They're...still working that out.
To find what, exactly? Someone! ANYONE! Just. One. Other. Human.

Because despite this empty planet, the soothsayer can still hear voices...
Echoes amidst the rubble...

In this hour-long real-time anecdote, you will be taken on a desperate, bewildered and soul-building pilgrimage to the very literal ends of the earth.

Think 'Fleabag' meets Samuel Beckett meets a post-apocalyptic walking simulator video game.

'Only What Remains Is Beautiful' is the perfect story for when you didn't get the memo about the world ending.

About whalespiel

Ty Liebelt is an artist, writer and performer across multiple platforms and media. Their collective body of work as ‘whalespiel’ is founded on the idea that there are no protagonists. Just minor characters given a chance to speak.

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