How can you honour the legacy of a woman you never knew?

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A person with pink hair is seated on the ground of a sun room in a mid-century home. Superimposed onto the image is an old, torn photograph of Beth's grandmother, Niusia, seated in the same room. Beth is looking down the barrel of the camera, whilst Niusia looks pensively into the distance.

Image Credit: Ece Mustafoff

  • Written and Performed by: Beth Paterson

  • Directed by: Kathryn Yates

  • Presented by: a ry presentation

Niusia was a Holocaust survivor. Her granddaughter, Beth, only remembers an angry, dying woman. She’s ready to learn her stories, but what she discovers is all the questions she didn’t know existed, and wasn’t allowed to ask.

Through NIUSIA, Beth weaves memories, handed-down stories, and interviews in an attempt to reconcile her own mixed cultural inheritance and comprehend her Grandmother’s complex legacy. It examines the precarity of identity, and the haphazard cultural legacy second, third, and fourth generation immigrants are handed.

By applying the same intrinsic instinct as her Jewish ancestors, Beth looks back at her family's history to begin to understand her role in its future. Her forebears fled war and devastation to seek belonging and safety, and NIUSIA interrogates what happens when aspiration becomes assimilation and asks what are our roles in keeping these stories alive.

Throughout the work, Beth asks: "What does remembrance look like when all I remember is the space where questions should go?”

About a ry presentation

a ry presentation is an independent company focused on producing new, queer works, and working alongside artists coming from historically disenfranchised background and communities.

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