Remember Show-and-Tell at school? Well, we are having Show-and-Tell now you're all grown up.

  • Dates 16 - 22 Oct
  • Time 7:15pm (60 minutes)
  • Venue UBQ
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A collection of seemingly meaningless objects that include (from left to right) a fragment of red cedar wood, a 9 volt battery, a small piece of shale stone, a photograph of a house from 1933, a handmade clay sculpture of a man poking his nose over a brick wall, an old jar of ink, an old tin of indigestion tablets, a black plastic dog, two long, rusted old keys, a spark plug, a glass headlight magnifier and a bust carved out of cork.

Image Credit: Taylor Bradfield

  • Hosted by: Nick

We adults have way cooler knick-knacks and better stories to share about the things we value and keep.

I (Nick) am hosting an open-mic Show-And-Tell and want to see and hear about an object that represents an experience, niche interest, memory, or a pivotal moment in your life.

What do you value?
What do other people value?
What is sitting on top of your bookshelf?
Why did you keep that rock for 7 years even though to everyone else, it is just a rock?
What is in the box under your bed and which objects inside it would you keep forever?
Do you have a niche interest topic and would like to share the complexities related to your object?

Bring a knick-knack for free entry, you don't have to commit to getting on stage, I'll keep track of time, topic, questions and answers. You can have about 2-5 mins to show and tell a bunch of people who are interested in learning about other peoples' experiences, moments, adventures, details, memories, realisations, connections, and life paths. Or a niche topic/object that really makes you happy.

I am going to bring a few different things each night to start the ball rolling - maybe my lucky rock, a framed cheque for $8.77, a cross-section of CODIT, the p-plate with bits of glass still on it, the little bottle of shampoo with a smell that reminds me of a holiday that changed my whole life perspective.

I'm looking forward to seeing all the weird and wonderful things people hold on to.

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