A dark comedy that pushes boundaries, exploring love, lust, and corpses.

Fringe allocation exhausted – see venue website
Three people wearing white shirts stand in front of a sheet on a table, looking like they are in a morgue in front of a dead body. The two people in the back have blue gloves on.

Image Credit: Ashleigh Coleman

  • Written by: Lincoln Vickery

  • Presented by: Gillian Mosenthal Productions

  • Directed by: Ben Ashby

Please note: Melbourne Fringe’s ticket allocation is exhausted, for tickets visit the Butterfly Club website.

Don't let the title throw you, this fast-paced dark comedy is sharp, witty and awkward in all the best ways.

'Necrophilia' will guide you through the daily lives of three morgue employees, making dead bodies look "hot as shit."

Things are going well, the banter is ripe and a romance blossoms...before we learn that one of the staff members has a likening for rotting corpses.

Although the play may push some boundaries, it does so with heart. Come for the corpses and stay for the comedy.

Tickets are selling quickly! Make sure you book as soon as possible so you don't miss out.

Playwright: Lincoln Vickery
Production Company/Producer: Gillian Mosenthal Productions/Gillian Mosenthal
Director: Ben Ashby
Cast: Declan Clifford, Gene Efron, Gillian Mosenthal & Joanna Halliday"

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