Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America

A tense political thriller from one of Australia's master storytellers.

  • Dates 11 - 22 Oct
  • Time 6:30pm, 7:30pm, 4:00pm (2 hours (+ interval))
  • Venue La Mama Courthouse
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A digitally composited image of the twin towers in new york, with a young womans face emerging from them.

Image Credit: Television is Furniture

  • Written by: Stephen Sewell

  • Directed by: Robert Reid

Some one must have been telling lies about Professor F for, without having done anything wrong, he was arrested one fine morning...

The classic drama of the post 9/11 age by legendary Australian political playwright Stephen Sewell.

It is 2003 and Talbot Finch is an academic working at one of the finest universities in New York. His newest book, with the controversial title and content, is about to come out. His wife Eve has a promising film and television career. He should be celebrating but the fallen twin towers still cast a long shadow over the United States.

In that shadow is a mysterious and threatening figure wearing a suit and tie, who only Talbot sees and only appears to debate American greatness with Talbot while threatening and torturing him.

Is Talbot insane or is there a shadowy force moving in the background of American politics that is targeting him for his dangerous ideas?

Presented as part of a 20th Anniversary celebration of the original production in 2003 along with a sequel written by Robert Reid, 'Myth Propaganda and Disaster and the Heirs of America'.

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